There is a thread over on Hacker News about this, and there is a question on Quora about it as well.

TL;DR : Team knows TDD/BDD? Use it!

To me the answer is absolutely yes, with an important qualification. The
developers must be experienced with TDD/BDD. When the team is experienced with
TDD/BDD and knows the tools, idioms, anti-patterns, and effective
workflows it delivers better, higher quality, and more desirable results

When the team does not know how to go about TDD/BDD effectively, their lack of
skill in driving features through testing will slow them down and will not
yield better results1 — this is not unexpected. It takes practice and
discipline to build testing skills.

If you are at a startup, writing some code and asking the question “Do we
TDD/BDD?” — it seems to me that you have already crossed the Rubicon and are
not going to be able to TDD/BDD effectively. The time to make that choice is
when you are assembling your team.

Founding your startup now? TDD/BDD experience should be one of the criteria you
look for in your development team.

1 In my experience, the efforts of someone new to TDD/BDD are usually
ineffective at delivering clean and valuable code.

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