Spurred on by the recent blog revamps of some fellow rocketeers, I have done the same and adopted a simple and direct layout. As is often the case, the restyling was really an opportunity to refactor and rethink.

The most important refactoring was to break the myth of the fold with the blog archives. Previously, I was using Webby‘s year and month index pages as the organization for the archives. Now the archives are on a single page as a reverse-chronological list that extends beneath the fold. The conventional wisdom on the fold is ’do not make your users scroll’. And it is wrong. Research has show that users do scroll1. Scrolling down a reverse-chronological list of posts does not make the user think — the only organizing principle simpler than a reverse-chronological list is just an unorderd list. And that would not have been helpful.

1 And it has for a long time! Here is Jakob Nielsen’s take in 1997!

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