Thanks to Josh Nichols for pointing out that the original code (and the RSpec mock code!) did not handle stubbing the same part of the chain multiple times, for example:

stub_chain(:votes, :supporting, :count).returns(supporting_count)
stub_chain(:votes, :opposing, :count).returns(opposing_count)

Here is the updated snippet that works when you stub the same part of the chain multiple times:

 1module StubChainMocha
 2  module Object
 3    def stub_chain(*methods)
 4      if methods.length > 1
 5        next_in_chain =
 6        stubs(methods.shift).returns(next_in_chain)
 7        next_in_chain.stub_chain(*methods)
 8      else
 9        stubs(methods.shift)
10      end
11    end
12  end
15Object.send(:include, StubChainMocha::Object)

Copy that into spec/stub_chain_mocha.rb and then require it from spec_helper.rb.

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