If you are making substantial changes to your Webby site, you will have no doubt noticed that deleted files are not automatically removed from the output directory or the deploy server.

Use the following Sitefile to:

 1SITE.host = 'HOST'
 2# use delete and checksum through ssh
 3SITE.rsync_args = ['-r', '-c', '--delete', '--rsh=ssh']
 4SITE.remote_dir = '/SOME/DIR'
 7task :default => :build
 9desc 'deploy the site to the webserver'
10task :deploy => [:clobber, :build, 'deploy:rsync']

1 Rsync will only update changed files, and will detect deleted files.

2 Using the --delete option will remove files from your deploy server; if you have mixed your Webby content with server-only files3, you should not use this.

3 You may want to reconsider doing that.

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